Women's Community Rehabilitation Center

Who We Serve

The Women’s Community Rehabilitation Center (WCRC) is a nonprofit organization of dedicated individuals committed to the mental health recovery of women who suffer from severe and persistent mental illness. Most often our clients arrive having recently been discharged from the hospital and homeless.

Admissions Criteria

1. That the person have a major diagnosis of a severe mental illness which severely impairs her daily living functions in areas such as employment, personal relations, and living arrangements, in need of a structured, supportive environment.
2. That the person be female, at least 18 years of age.
3. That the person not be imminently suicidal or homicidal.
4. That the person not require 24-hour highly secure psychiatric environment.
5. That the person have complete independent toileting and eating skills.
6. That the person be willing to enter the program on a voluntary basis and sign a program contract agreeing to comply with the WCRC Rules and Regulations.
7. That the person demonstrate sufficient motivation and adapt to structured group living environment, seek employment, and utilize community resources.
8. That the person not be physically assaultive.

Referrals are made directly to the Capital Area Human Services District’s Housing Coordinator for all MH bed referrals at 4615 Government Street, Baton Rouge, La., 70806 Phone 225-922-2672 (Effective 9/1/2011) Fax 225-922-2360 (Effective 9/1/2011). All Forensic referrals are made directly to the WCRC Director and can be faxed to 225-336-0522.

The following information must be included in Referral Packet:
a. WCRC Referral Form/ CAHSD Referral Form
b. Case History (family, education, Psychiatric, and Social History-within the last year).
c. Recent Psychological Evaluation(if applicable).
d. Recommendations for Treatment
e. Documentation of homelessness

1. Admission Staffing is held at WCRC at 855 St. Ferdinand St., Baton Rouge, LA
2. If the client is accepted into the WCRC Program, she will usually enter the beginning of the week, either a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.
The WCRC Admission Team can deny services to a client if the criteria for admission are not met. If a client begins to decompensate during the interview, the Team will determine the possible need for further stabilization. Re-staffing can be re-scheduled at a later date.

Rules for acceptance and participation in the Program are the same for all women age 18 and up without regard to race, color, national origin, age, or handicap, sexual orientation, spiritual belief and socioeconomic status.

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