Women's Community Rehabilitation Center

What is WCRC?

The Women’s Community Rehabilitation Center (WCRC) is a nonprofit organization of dedicated individuals committed to the mental health recovery of women who suffer from severe and persistent mental illness. Most often our clients arrive having recently been discharged from the hospital and homeless. Our 24 hours, 7 days a week residential treatment center provides a safe and secure homelike setting for a year long journey of healing and recovery. Our staff of experienced counselors has developed a structured program focusing on the individual needs and goals of each woman. Through individual counseling, group therapy, educational programs, and vocational development, our clients are successful in obtaining and maintaining employment and moving back into their communities to live productive, contented lives.


What Does WCRC Provide?


• State Licensed Treatment Center
• Individual counseling & Group therapy, intervention counseling
• Budgeting/Financial Counseling
• Medication Monitoring and Management Training System
• Psychosocial Skills Training and Self-Enrichment Programs
• Vocational counseling and placement
• Employment, school, and/or training opportunities
• Recreational group/individual outings
• Substance abuse surveillance
• Room and board, transportation and personal necessities
• Follow-up Services and Alumni Club for aftercare support and individual counseling and crisis intervention

  • Online Donations